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Northaven Community ENP, or Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol, hires off duty police officers to patrol our neighborhood in Dallas Police Department cars. The service provides an additional police presence during key times of the day or night when crime is at its peak. This service is paid for by contributing neighbors in Northaven Park, Royal Hills and Park Forest. Property and violent crimes are up all over Dallas. The more members we have, the more patrolling hours we can provide to protect your neighborhood, home and family.

ENPs offer an additional layer of security beyond that provided by routine DPD patrols. Police response times are 1-3 minutes when officers are on patrol, vs. 45+ minutes with the DPD. They are experts in our neighborhood and cannot be called away for any reason while on patrol for the Northaven Community. Please consider joining our team and help make the Northaven Community one of the safest neighborhoods in Dallas. 

Benefits & Services

Dedicated Officers - Our patrol officers are experts in our neighborhood. They patrol and know our streets, alleys and residents. They can readily identify suspicious activity.

Actual Squad Car - Armed Dallas Police Officers in DPD squad cars can rapidly respond to any call from a participating ENP member when on duty.

HomeCheck – Upon request, officers monitor your residence when you are out of town, calling you if needed. This entails
a full perimeter check of your home (doors, windows, shed doors, etc.) during each patrolling shift.

Added Response Benefits - Officers will respond to calls other than crime related issues, including health emergencies, neighborhood hazards, suspicious persons or noises, even in the middle of the night if on duty.

Cell Phone # - Active ENP members will have direct access to the officer’s mobile phone number. A magnetic card with the officer's phone number is included with membership.

Voicemail - During hours of no active patrol, members can leave messages on the officer's mobile phone informing them of any situation. Calls are returned once the officer’s shift begins.

Communication - Rapid communication via email regarding in progress or recently committed crime in our neighborhood, as well as weekly updates of what our officers found on their shifts. Quarterly newsletter with crime overview and stats.

Signage - ENP yard and alley signs are available to active members whose dues are current.

Coverage - Patrol coverage is assessed regularly, modified to fit crime patterns. Our goal is to grow membership to a point where we can provide coverage for a significant portion of the day, seven days a week. 


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To pay by check, mail your check to:

2736 Royal Lane
PO Box 29211
Dallas, Texas 75229

If you're a new member and paying by check please click here to download the Enrollment Form and mail it in with your payment.


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Service will be June 2018-May 2019

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