An Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) service is provided to serve the residents of the Northaven Park, Royal Hills, and Park Forest neighborhoods.

* Northaven Park is the area located between Marsh Lane and Midway Road and between Forest Lane and Royal Lane. This square mile area includes the popular Disney Streets.

* Royal Hills is adjacent to the southwest quadrant of Northaven Park, and is bounded by Marsh Lane, Royal Lane, Cromwell Drive, and Whitehall Drive.

* Park Forest is adjacent to the northwest quadrant of Northaven Park, and is bounded by Marsh Lane, Forest Lane, Cromwell Drive, and Northaven Road.

Our Mission

The primary focus of the ENP is crime prevention, and the safety and well being of the residents of the neighborhoods served. The neighborhoods are patrolled and attention is also given to the parks in these neighborhoods.

The Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a program provided by the Dallas Police Department and is paid for by your membership. The Patrol Service hires off-duty uniformed Dallas police officers to provide supplemental protection at key times of day and night. We provide an extra level of security and crime prevention that many residents want. The service provides benefits and services not provided by regular Dallas police patrols.

The Dallas Police ENP program is popular and successful in over 80 participating Dallas neighborhoods. There are several neighborhoods adjacent to us which provide ENP service. We expect this trend to continue because an ENP in the neighborhood helps prevent crime, make residents safer, attract new residents, and raise property values. We are in communications now with two other neighborhoods which are interested in having an ENP service for these reasons. Most neighborhood associations in North Dallas encourage membership in an ENP if they are able to establish one or have access to one.

ENP Benefits

An ENP provides increased Dallas Police protection to the neighborhood and improved police response time, especially during the times of the day when crime is potentially the highest. The ENP service is funded by the membership fees of the residents who participate. This participation is entirely voluntary. However, it is important to understand that the more members who participate, the more hours of patrol services are provided to the neighborhood, and thus the more protection is provided to the residents.

In addition to the routine daily patrol, the ENP services offer home perimeter checks when residents are on out of town, or there is some special circumstance which merits special attention. Members also have direct access to the cell phone of officers, when on duty, to ask for an escort service to your home if you are ever followed, or something doesn't look right at your home, or you want the officers to check out something.

History of our ENP

This ENP patrol service was launched in Northaven Park on December 1, 2011.

The specific number of hours
of coverage is based on recommendations from the police, and varies from time to time, depending on the the crime patterns and the funding available from members. At the end of 2014, crime was down over 75% in Northaven Park from when the service was launched - from an average of almost 10 crimes a month to 2.2 crimes a month.

Our service was expanded to Royal Hills on June 1, 2015, and to Park Forest on August 1, 2015.

Cost of Membership

New membership and renewals are $240 per year, which equates to $20 a month or $.66 a day. Our membership fee is lower than most of the ENPs around us because we want to encourage more residents to join our crime fighting team! All members have a December 1 anniversary date.
If you are not already a member, we encourage you to join our service today to help keep our neighborhoods safe!

See FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and see BENEFITS of the Patrol Service.

We are looking for a few good men and women to serve on our board. Join a great group of volunteers whose mission is to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. If you are interested in joining our team, contact Bryan Connell at

Block parties are held occasionally in the homes of existing members to explain the service. Learn more by attending a block party near you. For more details or to schedule attendance at a block party, contact

We are looking for more volunteers to help with communications and delivering information to residents. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at
Become a Volunteer.

For more information about the patrol service or this website, email

A big thank you to early adopters and financial sponsors!


Linda and Carroll Rogers
Cotton-Adams Financial Group
Eryn & John Bakewell
Marjorie & Brian Harrigan